Have Fun Whilst Packing Light: Five Fun Games to Play With Your Child in a Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel room with kids can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways that you can keep your kids entertained without packing lots of toys. Here are a few ideas using items found in most hotel rooms or items that are small and easy to fit in your luggage:

1. Blanket Forts

Most hotels have sheets, comforters and a blanket on the hotel bed, and you can easily strip the bed to make a blanket fort. If you are staying in a hotel room with two beds, the space between the beds is perfect for a little cave. Alternatively, if there is a table in the room, throw a few blankets over that to make a fort. Then, fill it with pillows, hang out and tell stories.

2. Washcloth Origami

Let the washcloths in the hotel bathroom provide you with a bit of entertainment by doing some washcloth origami. Using just a washcloth or two and a rubber band, you can make cute swans, bunnies and other creatures with your kid. To get instructions, you can invest in a book focused on washcloth origami, or if the hotel has wifi, you can stream a few instructional videos. Then, let your kid try to make some of their own creations.

3. Floor Mat and Small Toys

To keep your child quietly occupied in the hotel room, consider bringing a play mat. These are small plastic mats or rugs that can easily be rolled into your suitcase, and they provide a backdrop for a range of types of creative play. For example, you could bring a mat that has roads or railroad tracks on it and then also bring some cars or trains for your child to use on the mat.

4. Balloons

Balloons can easily fit into your bag without taking up hardly any space at all. When you get to the hotel room, blow up the balloons, and your children immediately have an air-filled ball to toss around the room or play catch with. You can also show your kids the super amusing trick of rubbing the balloon on their hair and sticking it to the ceiling or wall.

5. Counting Game

The counting game doesn't require any special supplies except what you can find at the hotel. You can keep your kid entertained and burn off some energy by taking them into the stairwell and letting them count all the stairs in the hotel. Alternatively, count the number of stairs from your room to the pool, or count the number of windows, stoplights or other items you can see from the window of your hotel room.

Next time you're booking hotel or motel accommodation with your kids, keep these fun games in mind.