How to Pick Boutique Hotels for People Who Love to Read

A boutique hotel is a small hotel, typically with 10 to 100 rooms in a relatively upscale accommodation. If you are booking a boutique hotel for a friend or loved one who loves to read, you may be wondering what to look for. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Look for hotels where famous writers have stayed.

Although the concept of boutique hotels is a relatively new concept adopted from the United States, boutique hotels have actually been around for years in the form of small hotels, bed and breakfasts and similar establishments. As a result, you can often find boutique hotels that have hosted famous writers from years gone by, even before the concept was popular.

If your loved one loves Australian lit, look for hotels that advertise that famous Australian writers such as Miles Franklin, Colleen McCullough, Henry Lawson or others have been among their lists of guests. Alternatively, try to find hotels that can lay claim to famous international guests such as D.H. Lawrence, the British writer who travelled through Australia in the early 20th century.

2. Find hotels with small libraries.

In some cases, boutique hotels offer interesting amenities, ranging from spa services, to magnificent gardens, to libraries. If you are buying a little holiday package with accommodations for the book lover in your life, consider looking for a hotel with a library. To really make the occasion special, look for a library offering books not often found in other cases. For example, look for a boutique hotel that advertises a library full of first editions or a library well stocked with local historical tomes that aren't kept in most mainstream libraries or book shops.

3. Select hotels with special rooms designed for readers.

In lieu of or in addition to libraries, you can find boutique hotels with rooms designed with readers in mind. The rooms may have themes devoted to certain writers, or they may have small collections of books in the individual rooms. The reader you're shopping for is certain to like that.

4. Pick the hotel with no TVs or wi-fi.

Cable or satellite television along with free wi-fi have become so popular they are offered by almost all hotels. However, a few boutique hotels recognise that some people go to hotels because they want to detach from it all, and that includes the internet.

If you are buying accommodations for a friend who loves books, consider looking for boutique hotels that offer this twist. Then, take your friend to the bookstore or library before the holiday and enjoy the peace and time for reading.