How To Choose a Suitable Hotel Room

Hotels are suitable for short-term and long-term accommodation. Choosing the right hotel can make your trip more exciting. Below are some useful tips to help you select a hotel.


Why does location matter? Well, if you are a business executive attending a high-level meeting at a conference facility, you would want a hotel that is close to the conference venue. If you are a tourist that needs overnight accommodation, you should look for a hotel located along the main highway. 

For long term stays, you would also be interested in the orientation of your room. For instance, hotel rooms facing the beach, sunset, sunrise, or natural attractions such as mountains will provide a breathtaking view.

Hotel Services and Facilities

High-end hotels will provide airport transfers for their guests. Besides, they may also offer car hire services and a guide to take you around the town. Free Wi-Fi will keep you connected with friends and business partners. You may also get cable TV and air conditioning.

Do you love to socialise? If yes, look for a hotel that has a vibrant sports bar. Some hotels will have live performances, board games, and karaoke events to keep guests entertained throughout their stay. Recreational facilities such as gyms are the perfect place to spend time when your schedule is free. Do not shy off from trying new foods from the hotel's menu.


Below are a few tips to help you examine the hotel's security. 

CCTV and security guards will keep your vehicle safe in the parking lot.

If you intend to carry valuables such as jewellery, cash or sensitive documents, choose a hotel room that has a safe.

Some hotel rooms have a restricted access system. It prevents intruders from accessing your rooms.

Check the hotel's emergency evacuation plan. The facility should have emergency elevators and staircases, extinguishers and fire hoses. 

Booking and Pricing

Early bookings are a sure way to secure discounts and conveniently located rooms. Use a coupon or promo code to get discounts. Also, compare deals from various websites. Some websites will allow you to place a bid on the hotel room. However, you will have to conduct some due diligence to avoid quoting a price higher than the minimum booking price. If you postpone your trip, do not cancel your booking. Instead, change the arrival date. It is a sure way to avoid cancellation charges. 

When looking for a hotel, examine its location, facilities, services, level of security, booking policy and the pricing.