Two Signs You Should Stay in a Holiday Park

If you need to choose accommodation for your next trip, here are some signs that you should book a camping spot or a caravan in a holiday park.

You like to have full control over when you have breakfast

If you don't like to stick to a rigid eating schedule when you're on holiday, then you'd probably feel happier in a holiday park than you would in most other types of lodging. This is because, unlike a motel or a hotel, where breakfast is only available during a specific period of the morning and you have to wake up on time if you want to eat it, you will have full control over your eating schedule if you stay a holiday park.

You can, for example, sleep in until noon, wake up and then make some sausages and eggs with your own cooking equipment. If you're an early bird, you can do this long before sunrise if you feel like it. Conversely, at a hotel, you'd either have to miss out on breakfast if you woke up late, or you'd have to sit around with a rumbling stomach for a long time if you woke up hours before the hotel starts serving it.

The freedom to eat when you want to also means that the other holiday activities you want to do on a particular day won't be affected by your need to eat at a certain time. For example, if you were at a hotel that only served breakfast between 8 am and 10 am, the earliest you could set off to explore the local attractions would probably be 8:30 am, as you'd need perhaps 30 minutes or so to eat this meal before you left. In contrast, at a holiday park, you could eat as early as you like and, therefore, set off on your exploration of the area at any time you want.

You're in search of inexpensive holiday accommodations

Holiday parks are much cheaper than most motels and hotels with equivalent facilities. As such, if you've become tired of frittering away money on fancy hotel rooms and would like your holidays to be cheaper, you should stay in one of these parks.

Whilst you may need to pack a few more things, as you'll need to prep your own meals and will need to bring camping equipment if you choose to pitch a tent instead of renting a campervan, you'll still be able to sleep as well as you would do in a hotel and will have some extra money in your pocket to put towards making your holiday experience more fun. For example, if you spend a hundred dollars less on your accommodation, you could use this to visit a fancy restaurant or do a slightly pricier holiday activity, like going on a snorkeling tour.