4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Caravan Sites

A caravanning vacation is popular for many families with young children. They're easier to plan, and you have a lot more control over food and accommodation. Your children's safety will be paramount, so here are four tips to keep your kids safe while on caravan sites.

Find One Away from the Main Road

Look for sites that have their pitches away from any main road. You also want to find out where all the onsite amenities are, especially games rooms and play parks. It may be a hassle getting there, but you don't have the risk of your child accidentally running out of the camp into fast-travelling cars.

Keep Your Vehicle Locked and Follow Onsite Rules

Children can climb into vehicles when you're not looking and become trapped in hot cars. Keep them locked at all times. When unloading and reloading, make sure children are either helping or kept in sight. If you can, have someone just in charge of the kids to make sure smaller ones don't end up climbing into the car or running off without you knowing.

While on site, follow all the rules in regards to driving. Many sites will be set up with one-way systems to help keep everyone safe. Stick to all speed limits posted around the park. Not everyone will do this, unfortunately, so make sure your children are aware of other vehicles and don't allow them to run off.

Check for Age Restrictions

Sites will have age restrictions in play rooms, at play parks, and for site clubs and groups. Follow guidelines posted, and always keep your children in sight when they are playing on play parks or in play rooms.

Certain sections will also have age restrictions. This is especially the case for the bars, laundry facilities, and waste disposal sections.

Stick to Walking Pace

If your children have skateboards, rollerblades, and other methods of travel, ensure these are allowed on the site. If they are, stick to a walking pace to keep your children and everyone around them safe from harm.

There may only be certain sections where wheeled toys are allowed. Check for these with the campsite, and have a responsible person with your children in the areas at all times.

Camping and caravan sites do offer excellent family-friendly fun, but they are not without risks. Make sure you know where your children are at all times, and follow the tips above. They will limit the chance of injury and accidents to your children and others visiting the sites.