How to Pick Boutique Hotels for People Who Love to Read

A boutique hotel is a small hotel, typically with 10 to 100 rooms in a relatively upscale accommodation. If you are booking a boutique hotel for a friend or loved one who loves to read, you may be wondering what to look for. Here are some ideas to keep in mind: 1. Look for hotels where famous writers have stayed. Although the concept of boutique hotels is a relatively new concept adopted from the United States, boutique hotels have actually been around for years in the form of small hotels, bed and breakfasts and similar establishments.

Two Tips To Ensure Your Sensitive Skin Enjoys Your First Hotel Stay

Planning your first holiday away is an exciting time for you. However, as someone who has very sensitive skin, you must also consider the impact hotel sheets could have on your holiday. Being unprepared will leave you with irritated skin that will detract from the fun times you have planned. Keep these points in mind as you start making your hotel booking for your holiday away. Special Request At Hotel

Four Things to Consider If You Are Buying a Pub With Living Quarters Attached

If you're interested in buying a pub and you're looking at pubs with living quarters attached to them, you have to think about the pros and cons of the pub, but you also have to consider the state of the attached accommodations. Depending on how you plan to use the living quarters, there are a number of things you should keep in mind when checking out pubs for sale. Consider these elements:

4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Caravan Sites

A caravanning vacation is popular for many families with young children. They're easier to plan, and you have a lot more control over food and accommodation. Your children's safety will be paramount, so here are four tips to keep your kids safe while on caravan sites. Find One Away from the Main Road Look for sites that have their pitches away from any main road. You also want to find out where all the onsite amenities are, especially games rooms and play parks.

Have Fun Whilst Packing Light: Five Fun Games to Play With Your Child in a Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel room with kids can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways that you can keep your kids entertained without packing lots of toys. Here are a few ideas using items found in most hotel rooms or items that are small and easy to fit in your luggage: 1. Blanket Forts Most hotels have sheets, comforters and a blanket on the hotel bed, and you can easily strip the bed to make a blanket fort.